Championing the Arts Tour – and so we begin

October 18, 2010

Erin and I are in the middle of the fourth week of an eight week national tour, the Championing the Arts Tour. We are holding Passion of Painting Workshops, offering free workshops for children, holding art shows and salons, visiting friends and patrons, and meeting with artists and arts organizations to find out what is working in the arts community.

So far we have visited Abilene, Texas; Horseshoe Bend, Texas; Covington/Mandeville, Louisiana; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Asheville, North Carolina and Roanoke, Virginia. We are now getting ready to head north to visit with Barack and Michelle. I hear they might be out of town, but I am still hoping he can take me for a tour of my favorite spot, the Lincoln Memorial.

This week we have a bit of down time, and I am trying to catch up with my notes, and begin entering images, video, and text from our tour so far.

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This tour is sponsored in part by the

Arts Council for Monterey County

and is presented in association with the

Dr. Carol Channing and Harry Kullijian Foundation


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